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Golf Instruction

Learn The Game of a Lifetime

Meadia Heights player development puts a priority on providing the game improvement programs. Headed by Rich Carr, General Manager, Meadia Heights Instructors will help you improve your game no matter your skill level.

andrew-geeseyAndrew Geesey, Teaching Professional

Andrew who started golf when he was four, was 2 time PIAA Scoring Title Winner. He received the title of Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Division I Sectional Player of the Year. Andrew continued to play golf in college on an athletic scholarship to Felician University. While attending, he was a 3X collegiate tournament winner including the being the low medalist at the 2016 CACC Conference Tournament at Back Creek Golf Club. This led to a trip to the 2016 NCAA Division 2 Super Regional Tournament.


Andrew has spent time learning and training on the best instruction technology available. This includes launch monitors, putting labs and 3d Biomechanics systems. He uses this background to provide a tournament proven, knowledgeable, but simple approach to the game while using the best technology. Andrew was the main teacher in 2017 for Meadia Heights and looks forward to another great year.

“I like to give my students one main goal to work on, although I may put in place a plan of multiple things we will address in the future. My students do not leave with the confusion often provided with a lesson. I do not use a specific method when teaching, I use my extensive background on how the body/club works throughout the golf swing to create the best results. My goal is to make it simple for the student to build a foundation to the impact position to achieve their personal goals. I help each person achieve their best results with what their body will allow them to do. ”

What is Flightscope?

Flightscope is a radar tracking device that captures 27 data parameters during the swing. Club and ball data is captured through the golf swing and the entire trajectory of the golf ball. Using flightscope can be extremely beneficial for lessons, club fitting, club optimization.  Flightscope measures the following parameters.

Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Carry Distance, Roll Distance, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, Apex Heights, Flight Time, Shot Dispersion, Shot Distance, Shot Distance to Pin, Low Point, Club Speed Profile, Club Acceleration Profile, Face to Path, Face to Target, Dynamic Loft, Angle of Attack, Club Path, Spin loft, Swing Plane Horizontal, Swing Plane Vertical.

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flightscope1    flightscope2

What is Boditrak?

Boditrak is a system in which can be used to show how a player uses the ground throught the golf swing. This allows the student to see how he or she transfers weight throughout the golf swing.

Whatever you level may be, beginner or tournament player or long or short game, Andrew can help you reach your goals. He specializes in individual lessons, group lessons and clinics. PGA and LPA players use radar tracking launch montitors daily! Dont miss out on the chance to use one for yourself!

To schedule a lesson time with Andrew, call the golf shop at 717.393.9761 or email him directly HERE.

Scott Sklar, Class A Teaching Professionalscott-sklar

Scott attended Methodist University where he majored in the Professional Golf Management Program located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  In 2009, he graduated from Methodist with his Class A Certification to the PGA and a Degree in Business Administration.  Before coming to Meadia Heights, Scott was Head Golf Professional at Patriots Glen in Elkton, Maryland and Tanglewood Golf Club in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. 

Scott's teaching philosophy is based around the five swing dynamics of the golf swing.  Dynamics such as a flat left wrist at impact or swinging down the intended target line.  Scott will develop your swing thoughts and dynamics into a confident golfer with more consistency.  Rather than teaching swing styles and mechanics, his focus is on the hands at impact in order to create optimal distance and accuracy.  Every golfer has a different learning style and unique swing, and Scott understands that each golfer must be tailored to differently.

"It makes me feel good every time a student finds the proper swing dynamics in his/her swing and lets one loose during their lesson" Scott Sklar, PGA

To schedule a lesson time with Scott, call the golf shop at 717.393.9761 or by email him directly HERE to find out the variety of lessons he offers.